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About us

Roots Family Chiropractic focuses on care for the whole family, paying close attention to pregnant moms and babies. At Roots Family Chiropractic we believe in the body's ability to heal when we remove the nervous system interference.

Care we provide

Pediatric Care

Dr. Haley loves working with littles and has had taking advanced training through the ICPA (international chiropractic pediatric association). Babies and children should have their nervous systems checked due to the stress from the birthing process. Even the easiest labor will put stress on baby's neck and cranial bones. It is important that we set them up with a functioning nervous system so that they can grow to the best of their abilities.


Pregnant Moms

Dr. Haley is a certified Webster practitioner. Websters is a technique used in chiropractic that helps mothers body be able to adapt and grow baby the best way that it can. The technique focuses on ensuring that mothers body is giving baby the best environment to grow in. It is also helping set up mother for the best possible labor. It has been shown to decrease labor times, and decrease interventions needed for mother.

Full family care

It is important that the whole family is functioning optimally. This means that when someone in the family is not adapting to stress as well as they can, it will in turn effect the whole family. It is important that everyone in the family is able to adapt to daily stressors.

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